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Together We’ve Loved


This year could have shattered us, but instead it made us stronger. On the occasion of our wedding anniversary I offer my own tribute to love.

True Loves

Every time this year felt too hard, too lonely, too foreign; you made me smile.

Every time I wanted to give up, go back, get comfortable;  you kept me grounded.

Every time I got lost, confused, flustered; you helped me find my way.

Traveling together taught us to be more understanding of each others differences, and how to be compassionate towards one another even when we can’t understand.

This year was meaningful in ways I could have never imagined, but the most important thing I discovered is that I can live anywhere in the world; as long as you’re with me, I’m home.




The Next Chapter


I can’t believe I’m writing this post. 

It’s been just over a year since we moved out of our darling apartment in New York City. It feels like  only yesterday that I was gripping Tal’s hand as we drove across the Brooklyn Bridge, out of the city in which we’d fallen in love and built the foundations of our life together.

We weren’t just leaving our home, we were leaving our comfort zone.  We had virtually no idea what the year held for us, and we couldn’t have predicted it if we’d tried.

But after 368 days, 8countries, a few very special new friendships and what feels like a lifetime worth of spectacular experiences… we’re coming home.

In three weeks we will pack our giant suitcases for last time. Part of me is incredibly excited. I’ve missed the full extent of my wardrobe, ovens, predictable grocery items, familiar household bugs and of course our friends and family. But the other part of me knows that this is bittersweet.  As Tal likes to say, this year we were “citizens of the world”. And while we’ll always be a couple, and someday a family, who travel together, it will likely never be quite like this.

If I’m to be honest, it’s important that I admit that on many days I was angrier and more frustrated with the world than I knew I could be. But this exceptional opportunity also gave me the chance to witness unparalleled beauty in nature as well as humanity. With each new stamp in my passport, my view and understanding of the world expanded.  I am eternally grateful for the life changing experiences and unexpected, exceptional friendships that resulted from this crazy year.  



Snapshots of Dar es Salaam