Snapshots of Dar es Salaam


Stiillll Gooooing


Hey there! Remember me? I used to write a pretty Ok travel blog? Contrary to popular belief, I was not swallowed by a black hole. I am in fact still living abroad,  still having daily traumatic/fabulous adventures, and yes I’m still wildly confused 99% of the time…

Here are some updates:

Ulpan: I am bad at language learning. No. Seriously. BAD. Example: After 3 years of High School Spanish I had to take a State exam; I estimate that I wrote about a third of it in Spanish and simply added “O’s” to the end of English words for everything else. I foolishly soldiered on for another 2 years in college, and as my final presentation I recited a recipe for guacamole and called it a day.

When I sat down for my first day of Hebrew class, exhausted from our Kili climb and my red eye arrival to Israel, latent memories of Espanol lessons returning to me in vivid flashbacks, I lay my forehead on the cool desktop in front of me, took a deep breath and proceeded to give myself a few sharp smacks.  WHAT on EARTH was I thinking?!?!

I wish I could check my ego at the door and embrace mistakes in the name of progress, but despite my poor language skills and a slight lack of confidence, I’m making progress. Slowly but surely, I know stuff. Not as much as I want, and not as much as some of my incredible peers, but stuff. And that’s a lot more than I could say two months ago.

Living in Israel: Things I love: The gorgeous Mediterranean beach 3 blocks from my apartment, the mellow/laid back cafe culture, the incredible food (OH MY LORD THE DAIRY), the spectacular weather, and the proximity to Tal’s amazing family. Things I don’t love: The screwy politics, the high cost of living, the …different… perspective… on manners, and the void of religious life for reform Jews.

Being away from Tal: TRUTH: It sucks. I miss him like whoa. MORE TRUTH: We’re Ok. Actually, we’re better than Ok. And, AND, we’re going to see each other in  4 days, 9 hours and 27 minutes. Not that I’m counting.  SQUEEEEE!!!!!!

Other: I’m trying a new kind of fitness regiment called CrossFit, and I’m SUPER excited about it. I’d heard about it from ambitious friends for years, but I’ve always been a little intimated. However, a few weeks ago, I said to myself, “Self. YOU CRAZY. Look at everything you’ve done this year, are you seriously gonna let yourself be afraid of a few burpees?” My sassy inner goddess was really saying something so, so much bigger.

With the one year anniversary of this awesome adventure quickly approaching, I’m feeling sort of invincible.