My Progress Thus Far


Since I moved to Tel Aviv and began learning Hebrew one month ago:

  • I’ve resumed my totally sexy nail biting habit

What? I look JUST like this when I have all ten of my fingers simultaneously shoved into my mouth at the same time.

  • My hair, which had just forgiven me for six months in India, is falling out. Again.
  • My English vocabulary is becoming increasingly badder and badder.
  • I’ve completely retrogressed to my pre-married pre-college housekeeping methods.

  • My goodreads account has also, um… regressed.


  • I went from working for the world’s largest magazine publisher, to being turned down for a waitressing position… because I wasn’t able to say, “What can I get you?”

However, one month ago my Hebrew was limited to the ability to order a coffee (and not even the way I take my coffee) and now…

I wrote this!!! From thoughts inside my head!! So TAKE THAT female pattern baldness, germ infestations and a my alarmingly depleted bank account, I learnded stuff!


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