Monthly Archives: April 2013

My Progress Thus Far


Since I moved to Tel Aviv and began learning Hebrew one month ago:

  • I’ve resumed my totally sexy nail biting habit

What? I look JUST like this when I have all ten of my fingers simultaneously shoved into my mouth at the same time.

  • My hair, which had just forgiven me for six months in India, is falling out. Again.
  • My English vocabulary is becoming increasingly badder and badder.
  • I’ve completely retrogressed to my pre-married pre-college housekeeping methods.

  • My goodreads account has also, um… regressed.


  • I went from working for the world’s largest magazine publisher, to being turned down for a waitressing position… because I wasn’t able to say, “What can I get you?”

However, one month ago my Hebrew was limited to the ability to order a coffee (and not even the way I take my coffee) and now…

I wrote this!!! From thoughts inside my head!! So TAKE THAT female pattern baldness, germ infestations and a my alarmingly depleted bank account, I learnded stuff!


Using the Internet to Figure Out What My Husband Does for a Living


I kid. I know what he does, and I’m incredibly proud of him. In the nearly 7 years we’ve been together he’s worked with NGO’s in Africa, Asia, North America and Central America; without ever leaving the corporate world. If you have the time, this video is a TEDx talk given by the founder of the unique program for which Tal works so hard. His company is proof that those of us who choose paths in the private sector can still find meaningful ways to affect positive change in the world.

Boardwalk Proposals


This morning on my walk to yoga, dressed in my finest dirty stretch pants and old baggy tee, I was stopped by a very dapper older gentleman on a park bench. He said a few sentences to me in Hebrew before I was able to explain that I couldn’t understand him. I figured our conversation was over… and then this happened:

 “Aah English, of course! I say that I’m in LOVE with you. We’ll get a marriage? Yes?”